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Study finds bobcat living in PA generates 100x more in economic return than one that is hunted and killed

What is a bobcat worth? There’s a few ways of thinking about that question. One answer, of course, is that a bobcat’s value is intrinsic, their lives not something to signify with a price tag. Fair enough.

Group sues USFWS for allowing tens of thousands of wild animal pelts to be exported to international fur trade

MISSOULA, Mont.— The Center for Biological Diversity sued the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today over its program allowing the export of tens of thousands of wild animals trapped and killed for the international fur trade.

Editorial: On Montana's Kootenai NF, a recovering wilderness offer lessons for the current powers that be

At dawn the woodpeckers start in, hammering heads against tree trunks, and you wonder if there’s a better way for a bird to make a living. Oh, the avian migraines. Twilight lingers till nearly 11 p.m.; if there’s a decent moon, you can fish in the silver light of Montana’s longest days.

Interview: Outsourcing NP staff not as easy as some think

The National Park Service is in some serious trouble. Despite National Parks being more popular than ever, the NPS faces a nearly $12 billion maintenance backlog due to not having the staff or the means to make the necessary repairs and upkeep. 

Feature: Warily, conservationists beginning to engage with CRISPR, other synthetic biology techniques

The worldwide effort to return islands to their original wildlife, by eradicating rats, pigs, and other invasive species, has been one of the great environmental success stories of our time.  Rewilding has succeeded on hundreds of islands, with beleaguered species surging back from imminent extinction, and dwindling bird colonies suddenly blossoming across old nesting grounds.

To move highway project along, state of New Jersey tore down historic house intentionally, lawsuit contends

BELLMAWR - The Camden County Historical Society filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday against the state for tearing down a historic Bellmawr house in the way of a major interstate construction project.

New book: Restoration of Mozambique's Gorongosa NP not the success it's been made out to be—thanks to cultural insensitivity

Narratives have power, both good and bad. On one hand, stories can create change. On the other hand, they can serve to obscure opposing viewpoints.

GOP looks to change ESA in series of proposals

Congressional Republicans launched efforts Wednesday aimed at reforming the Endangered Species Act to make it more friendly for states, landowners, industry and others.

The debates in the House and Senate were on bills with specific, limited purposes, not the full-scale comprehensive reforms that Republicans and some industries have been craving.

With NPs considering new frontiers in visitor management, local people around Acadia call for being treated differently

As discussion into how to handle soaring crowds to the National Park System is beginning to turn into planning, one user group -- local residents -- is wondering how it will be affected by the resulting approach to overcrowding.

Zimbabwe: 150 more rangers, police officers dispatched to Hwange NP after latest elephant poisoning episode; at least 12 have been killed since June

HARARE - Zimbabwe has deployed 150 parks rangers and police officers to Hwange National Park in the wake of the latest cyanide poisoning incident.

Two elephants were found poisoned inside the park this week.

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