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USGS climate change scientist, denied permission to meet with Facebook CEO during Glacier NP trip, says he's been "left completely in the dark"

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg visited Glacier National Park last weekend and saw firsthand how climate change is shrinking the glaciers in Montana’s northern Rockies.

Editorial: USNPS should intervene to help ailing grizzly bear at Grand Teton NP

One of Grand Teton National Park’s most nationally, and internationally, well-known and loved bears (bear 793) is a mother grizzly who cares for two small cubs and is affectionately called “Blondie” by park tourist patrons.

India: Proposed bill would allow projects in buffer areas around protected cultural sites

New Delhi: In a significant move which could facilitate infrastructure projects within prohibited areas around protected monuments, the government on Tuesday introduced a bill in Lok Sabha seeking to allow the Centre to take up projects in such zones.

Controversial mansion on inholding in Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP up for sale

[Editor's note:]  The following is a press release from the real estate agency selling a mansion that was built on an inholding inside Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP.  It does not mention the history of controversy surrounding the development of the property. For background, see]

Over 30,000 sign petition to Zinke calling for continued dog-walking in Golden Gate NRA

Groups concerned that the National Park Service is working to prohibit dog walking at Golden Gate National Recreation Area have sent a petition with more than 30,000 names on it to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke asking that he preserve that use of the park.

Poland: Mothers hold "nurse in" on logged-over site to protest cutting in Białowieża Forest

In a recently logged clearing outside Krakow, Poland, a woman sits on a tree stump, nursing her child. She looks down affectionately, her purple knitted cap and magenta jacket vividly defined against the subdued brown hues of the surrounding arboreal graveyard. She is not alone. Several other women are dotted about the clearing, sitting on tree stumps of their own.

Ten year after reintroduction, small black-footed ferret population doing well in Wind Cave NP

Black-footed ferrets, once thought to be on their way to extinction, have been rebounding in numbers thanks to recovery programs such as the one launched at Wind Cave National Park a decade ago.

Undercover operation finds rhino horn still easy to buy in Asia

The trade in rhino horn is still flourishing in China and other parts of Asia, despite a worldwide squeeze on the illegal trafficking of wildlife, according to a report by the Elephant Action League (EAL) released today.

Glacier NP issues "correction" to boat-inspection plans: looser rules only apply to inholders

In a disorienting turn of events last week, Glacier National Park officials unveiled changes to the park’s aquatic invasive species emergency response plan by loosening boating restrictions on Lake McDonald to allow limited motorized-boat use, an unexpected move prompted by pressure from Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke.

Zinke announces formation of committee to "expand recreational access" to public lands; motorized recreation groups applauding

In a development reminiscent of efforts by the George W. Bush administration more than a decade ago to place recreation ahead of preservation in the National Park System, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has created an advisory committee to suggest ways to "expand recreational access to public lands and waters."

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