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Michigan Dem Senator: Trump NMon review may put recent Thunder Bay NMS expansion in danger

Washington — Democratic Sen. Gary Peters is raising concerns about an executive order from President Donald Trump calling for the review of all National Marine Sanctuaries designated in the last 10 years, which he says could lead to the elimination or reduction in size of the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary in Michigan.

Hunting of pangolins—world's most traffficked mammal—is up 150% over 40 years in Central Africa

The hunting of pangolins, the world's most illegally traded mammal, has increased by 150 percent in Central African forests from 1970s to 2014, according to a new study led by the University of Sussex.

The first-ever study of its kind, published in Conservation Letters, shows the true scale of local pangolin exploitation across the continent.

Controversial mansion on inholding in Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP up for sale

[Editor's note:]  The following is a press release from the real estate agency selling a mansion that was built on an inholding inside Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP.  It does not mention the history of controversy surrounding the development of the property. For background, see]

Over 30,000 sign petition to Zinke calling for continued dog-walking in Golden Gate NRA

Groups concerned that the National Park Service is working to prohibit dog walking at Golden Gate National Recreation Area have sent a petition with more than 30,000 names on it to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke asking that he preserve that use of the park.

Poland: Mothers hold "nurse in" on logged-over site to protest cutting in Białowieża Forest

In a recently logged clearing outside Krakow, Poland, a woman sits on a tree stump, nursing her child. She looks down affectionately, her purple knitted cap and magenta jacket vividly defined against the subdued brown hues of the surrounding arboreal graveyard. She is not alone. Several other women are dotted about the clearing, sitting on tree stumps of their own.

Brushing aside objections, commission approves plans for WWI memorial at existing DC park

The Nation’s Capital came a step closer to gaining a World War I Memorial this month when a key federal panel approved a conceptual design for the project—even though panel members and others expressed concerns about the latest plan and its potential impact on the selected site.

Big natural gas pipeline, nearing final approval, would cross Appalachian NST

The stretch of Appalachian Trail through the Blue Ridge Mountains here is prized by hikers from around the world for its open ridgelines, spectacular geologic formations and challenging slopes.

Feature: Noise pollution is pervasive in many PAs

As transportation networks expand and urban areas grow, noise from sources such as vehicle engines is spreading into remote places.

Brazil: New bill opening up over 800k acres in PA to resource extraction has enviros alarmed

Environmentalists are deeply worried about Brazil's Brazil's government newly proposed bill that aims to reduce the boundaries of a national forest in the Amazonian state of P

Indonesia: TRAFFIC says "unrealistically high" quotas for captive-bred wildlife species provides loophole for illegal trade

JAKARTA — Inflated quotas for breeding animals in Indonesia’s commercial conservation facilities appear to be fueling the illegal wildlife trade, according to a new study by TRAFFIC, an NGO.

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