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Interview: The case for giving lunar landing sites World Heritage status

Michelle Hanlon is the co-founder of For All Moonkind, a nonprofit established in June that seeks to preserve the six Apollo lunar landing sites—including Tranquility Base—by having them classified as world heritage sites. Hanlon spoke with Air & Space Magazine in August.     

Study: SoCal MPAs have quickly boosted once-collapsing rockfish populations

West Coast rockfish species in deep collapse only 20 years ago have multiplied rapidly in large marine protected areas off Southern California, likely seeding surrounding waters with enough offspring to offer promise of renewed fishing, a new study has found.

New global study has good news about sea turtle recovery

On this planet, so many plants and animals are disappearing that scientists worry we’re experiencing a sixth mass extinction.

Germany: Rare wild bison killed after it wanders across border from Poland, drawing angry response and lawsuit

Last week, a rare wild bison was spotted wandering alone near the town of Lebus in eastern Germany. A local official, alarmed that the animal could be dangerous, ordered hunters to shoot it and one of them did, using a rifle to kill an animal that had not freely roamed Germany for several hundred years, conservationists say.

Pro-monument tribal leaders angry as USBLM stalls on implementing NMon management at Bears Ears

Nine months after President Barack Obama enshrined the 1.3 million acres encircling Utah’s Bears Ears Buttes as a protected landscape, federal agencies have done little to manage the lands as outlined in the monument proclamation.

Eager to remove Confederate statue, DC council learns congressional approval needed first

Members of the D.C. Council are wasting no time in expressing their frustration over a statue of a Confederate general in the District.

England: In uncovering mosaic from Roman-era villa, amateur archaeologists credited with making biggest find of its kind in decades

BOXFORD, England — Their ages range from 9 to about 80. They include a butcher and a builder. Some devoted vacation days to laboring on their hands and knees in an open field.

Zinke's NMon report—which was not given to USBLM to fact-check—contains "more than a few simple factual errors," NM Dem senator says

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's draft report on national monuments he believes should be reduced in size or opened to resource extraction was not run by U.S. Bureau of Land Management officials for fact-checking and contains a number of errors, according to agency officials.

Bangladesh: Pangolin population down sharply as trafficking surges, but small numbers exist in and near Lawchara NP

Pangolins, one of the most trafficked mammals in the world, are fast disappearing from earth. Yet, we know very little about these solitary animals. Even basic information such as pangolins’ populations is severely lacking, scientists say, making it difficult to plan conservation actions to save the animals.

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