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Bill before Congress to add nearby homes to Little Rock Central High School NHS

WASHINGTON, D.C., – Both the U.S. House and Senate are set to vote on a bill to preserve homes around one of Arkansas' most historic sites.
Little Rock Central High School was designated as a national historic site in 1998.

Columbus statue vandalized in NYC's Central Park

A more than century-old statue of Christopher Columbus inside Central Park was discovered defaced on Tuesday morning, its hands stained with red paint and its pedestal scrawled with graffiti including the phrase “something is coming.”

India: Some conservationists say proposed new private PA policy amounts to green light for overdevelopment

BENGALURU: The Siddaramaiah government is planning to launch private forests in the state all along the protected areas from Bhimgad to Bannerghatta.For private lands (comprising trees and grassy blanks with perennial water sources) to become eligible, they should fall in demarcated areas around Protected Areas (PAs), buffer areas or eco sensitive zones with connectivity to sanctuaries and rese

Chile: Network of MPAs under development in Patagonia

The Patagonian sea, one of the most pristine and ecologically valuable fjord ecosystems on the planet, is not without threats.  Its marvelous green-blue landscape abruptly meets coasts, mountains, and southern forests and is home to thousands of species, all of them facing perils associated with invasive species and unsustainable activities.

Indonesia: Illegal activities threaten last stronghold of Javan rhinos in Ujung Kulon NP

With an estimated population of around 60 individuals, the Javan rhino (Rhinoceros sondaicus) is among the world’s most Critically Endangered species. Once spread across much of southern Asia — from northeastern India to Vietnam, and south to Sumatra and Java in Indonesia — the species is now known to survive in just one habitat: Ujung Kulon National Park at the westernmost tip of Java.

"It's the coverage plus the quality": MPAs entering a new phase emphasizing management effectiveness

AS PROGRESS IS steadily being made toward the United Nations goal of setting aside 10 percent of the ocean as marine protected areas by 2020, scientists and conservationists are increasingly realizing that success needs to be about more than hitting a number.

USNPS only now beginning to familiarize itself with travel industry, analysts say

The U.S. National Park Service has been welcoming tourists into its monuments, parks and sites for more than 100 years – with record visitation in many cases. But when it comes to courting the travel industry and working with travel brands to understand tourism trends and expectations, some park service officials admit this is a work in progress.

North Carolina governor requests Confederate monuments be moved from state capitol grounds to historic battlefield site

RALEIGH — Gov. Roy Cooper has sent a formal request to move three Confederate monuments from State Capitol grounds to a historic site in Johnston County.

Analysis: Interpretation at "crown jewel" NPs need to acknowledge their place in a wider cultural landscape

Close your eyes and then visualize a national park. Really, do it.

You probably saw an iconic site like Yellowstone Valley or Old Faithful. Maybe you saw mountains or a desert wilderness. You might have envisioned waterfalls, forests, or wildlife.

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Prescribed burn followed by herbicide application to be tested as invasive grass species control at San Juan Islands NHP

San Juan Island National Historical Park plans to conduct a prescribed fire on Young Hill between late September and early October 2017, when weather permits. As part of post-burn operations, herbicide will be used in selected areas – less than one acre total – to minimize regeneration of non-native species.

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