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Mass extinctions now irreversible, new study claims

From the common barn swallow to the exotic giraffe, thousands of animal species are in precipitous decline, a sign that an irreversible era of mass extinction is underway, new research finds.

Study: Globally, PAs do little to protect phylogenetic and functional biodiversity

Sorting out where to create parks, reserves and other protected areas typically involves looking for spots with high densities of different species of animals. But, according to a new global study, that approach falls short of safeguarding mammal biodiversity.

Portugal: In Madeira's laurasilva, a WH site, keystone bird species is treated like pest, routinely culled

As we hike through the cool, low-canopied forest along a levada – a centuries-old water canal carved out of the mountainside – our guide talks effusively of a pigeon.

Boston may relax long-standing rules to allow new tower to cast shadows over historic city parks

BOSTON — Children splashed in a shallow pool in Boston Common as a guide in a tricorner hat led a tour last week, pointing out Revolutionary War sites. Yet here, in the nation’s oldest park, some people worry that this city is closing in around its open spaces, with skyscrapers blanketing its parks in shadow.

India: Rhinos fleeing floods in Kaziranga NP being followed by poachers—and rangers

HONG KONG — A herd of endangered rhinos fleeing the deadly floods sweeping northern India now faces another threat, wildlife officials said on Monday: Poachers are stalking the animals in the few areas of high ground to which they have managed to escape.

To stop a plummeting monarch butterfly population, ambitious plans to restore habitat along I-35, the "Monarch Highway"

Interstate 35 lies at the heart of a vast circulatory system, one of the massive transportation arteries that enable Americans to move long distances quickly. The highway also cuts through the heart of the eastern monarch’s central flyway, which produces the vast majority of brilliant orange and black butterflies that undertake one of the world’s most grueling insect migrations.

Mali: Ivory-sniffing dogs deployed to try to keep poaching from decimating remnants of elephant population

In an effort to save one of Africa's last desert elephant herds, Mali has employed Mitch, Bobby and Amy - Dutch spaniels with a nose for sniffing out illegal ivory.

China: An uptick in leopard populations in some PAs heralds some good news, but experts counsel caution

On May 17, a video clip showing the dead body of a North China leopard by the side of a mountain road in China’s eastern Shanxi province went viral. People were surprised to learn that leopards were afoot in Shanxi after an absence of decades.

Poaching of gorillas, chimpanzees, and bonobos for bushmeat now at crisis levels in Central Africa

The word came in that a small chimp was for sale up the road near Aketi, a town in remote, northernmost Democratic Republic of the Congo. The seller: a policeman who had taken the baby from SIFORCO, a massive logging concession some 60 miles away.

Laura Darby, an American primate researcher working in the area, went to investigate.

Eritrea: Capital city of Asmara, home to famous Art Deco buildings from Italian colonial era, named WH site

The capital of Eritrea, a country with a repressive government that many of its citizens have fled as refugees, has been designated a World Heritage site by Unesco, the United Nations cultural organization.

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