Park Break Perspectives Series

The Park Break Perspectives Series is a a set of web-based research papers and essays produced by graduate students who have taken part on the GWS's Park Break program.  The papers were developed in consultation with faculty members, park scientists, and other park professionals.  Park Break Perspectives offers fresh looks at perennial and emerging issues through the eyes of up-and-coming scholars — the next generation of park leaders.

Park Break Perspectives was launched in February 2010.  You can download titles in this series below.  More titles will be added as part of future Park Break sessions.



Park Break Perspectives no. 1

Positivism to post-positivism in conservation: A call for a philosophical paradigm shift

Tinelle D. Bustam, University of Florida
Emily Schadler, University of Vermont
Heather White, San Jose State University
Brandon Pope, University of Missouri


Park Break Perspectives no. 2

Integrating natural and social sciences for effective natural resource management

Galli Basson, San Jose State University
Michelle Dela Cruz, University of Missouri


Park Break Perspectives no. 3

Expanding management: Prioritizing cultural and natural resources in complex sites

Sarah Stehn, Michigan Technological University
Heather White, San Jose State University


Park Break Perspectives no. 4

Civic engagement—What does it mean to us? A perspective from Park Break participants

Michelle C. Moorman, North Carolina State University
Edgar Espinoza, University of Miami
Min Kook Kim, University of Maine
Abril Padilla, Colorado State University
Ryan Sharp, University of Georgia
Timia D. Thompson, North Carolina State University
Wes R. Wong, University of Michigan


Park Break Perspectives no. 5

Using leisure constraints research to inform outdoor recreation research and natural resource management decisions

Heather R. White, San Jose State University
Tinelle D. Bustam, University of Florida


Park Break Perspectives no. 6

Contemporary challenges of cultural resource management: An inquiry of the role of public support, climate change, and natural hazards in management

Tinelle D. Bustam, University of Florida


Park Break Perspectives no. 7

Recommendations for effective black bear management in Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area: Expected future problems and solutions

Ryo Sakurai, University of Florida
James Barnes, Univesity of Vermont


Park Break Perspectives no. 8

The role of social science research in the national parks: An opportunity for true civic engagement

Ryan L. Sharp, University of Georgia
Min Kook Kim, University of Maine
Edgar Espinoza, University of Miami
Abril Aguirre, Colorado State University


Park Break Perspectives no. 9

Determining the appropriateness of automobile-based tourism in the national park system

Brian Tarpinian, Duke University


Park Break Perspectives no. 10

Voices of the next generation: Perspectives from participants in the 2010 conservation policy Park Break session

Heath Garris, University of Akron
Jessica Goodrich, Clemson University
Annamarie Leon Guerrero, Sonoma State University
Matthew J. Heard, Brown University
Meghan Lindsey, University of South Florida
Archi Rastogi, McGill University
Rodney J. White, University of Louisville


Park Break Perspectives no. 11

Park Break: The challenges and rewards of interdisciplinary collaboration

Cathy Bell, University of Vermont
Katherine Dennis, Texas A&M University
Cori Knudten, University of California–Davis
Bridget Sharry, University of Oregon


Park Break Perspectives no. 12

Interpretive actions for archaeological resources: Keweenaw National Historical Park and Isle Royale National Park

Mario Battaglia, University of Arizona
Casey Campetti, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Maija Glasier-Lawson, California State University, Chico
Matthew Kalos, Temple University
Hilary Miller, Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg
Megan Springate, University of Maryland
Stephanie Sullivan, University of Arkansas
Katie Turner, Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Park Break Perspectives no. 13

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve: A Social Science Needs Assessment

Kaitlin Burroughs, North Carolina State University
Janae Davis, University of South Carolina
Tian Guo, North Carolina State University
Peter J. Mkumbo, Clemson University
Ojetunde Ojewola, University of Missouri
Aleksandra N. Pitt, Colorado State University
Robert Powell, Clemson University
Ryan Sharp, Kansas State University
Geoffrey Riungu, Clemson University
Rose I. Verbos, University of Utah