1986 GWS Conference Proceedings

The 1986 GWS Conference Proceedings were published in 8 volumes over the course of several years.  Except where noted below as being out of print, they are available for purchase.  Price: $8 each postpaid to US and Canadian addresses; additional postage elsewhere. Order on line

Vol. 1. The Plenary Sessions, Raymond Herrmann & Terri Bostedt-Craig, eds.

  • Towards a Future for National Park Service Research / Raymond Herrmann
  • Remarks from the USNPS Director / William Penn Mott, Jr.
  • Resource Protection and the National Parks: Meeting the Challenge of the Future / George W. Pring
  • Understanding Our Resources: Looking Towards Long-Term National Park Research / Boyd Evison
  • National Parks and the Future of the George Wright Society: Some Ideas About Natural Resources Protection, Preservation, and Management / Theodore W. Sudia
  • Management and Interpretation of Cultural Resources: A Perspective for National Park Service Research Consideration / W. James Judge
  • Social and Political Imperatives Associated with Urban National Parks / Charles H. Odegaard
  • National Parks: How Big is Big Enough?
  • Emerging Directions in Landscape Ecology and Applications in Natural Resource Management / Richard T.T. Forman
  • Geographic Information Systems: Computer-Assisted Map Analysis as an Operational Tool / Joseph K. Berry
  • People and Parks: What Do We Know? / John R. Kelly
  • World Parks, People, and Land Use / Raymond F. Dasmann
  • The Role of the University in Government Science: Long-Term University-Government Relations / Jay M. Hughes
  • The Relationship Between Research and Management in Conservation Services: A Conceptual Framework for the Future / Robert J. S. Beeton

Vol. 2. Wildlife Management and Habitats, Francis J. Singer, ed.

  • Estimating Effective Population Size for the Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Population: Effects of Non-Poisson Family Size Distribution and Breeding Sex Ratio / Douglas T. Bolger, Carl C. Biehl, Marine Sorice & Michael Gilpin
  • Why Do Bighorn Lambs Die in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area? / Charles L. Douglas & Hermi D. Hiatt
  • Tule Elk at Point Reyes National Seashore / Peter J.P. Gogan & Reginald H. Barrett
  • Use of Backcountry Visitor Areas by Problem Bears in Great Smoky Mountains National Park / Bruce C. Hastings, Michael R. Pelton & Pamela A. Petko-Seus
  • Energetic Constraints on Winter Habitat Selection by Cervids in Glacier National Park / Kurt J. Jenkins & R. Gerald Wright
  • Remote Sensing Technique for Identifying Potential Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Habitat / Karen E. Pestana
  • Dynamics of Caribou and Wolves in Denali National Park / Francis J. Singer
  • Tourist Impact on Clark's Nutcracker Foraging Activities in Rocky Mountain National Park / Diane F. Tomback & Cheryl L. Taylor
  • National Park Size and Threats to Their Wildlife: Any Relationship? / R. Gerald Wright and Gary E. Machlis

Vol. 3. Physical Processes and Water Resources, Marshall Flug, ed. (OUT OF PRINT)

  • Introduction / Marshall Flug
  • Determination of Annual Sediment Load for the Yampa River, Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado / John G. Elliott
  • Meander Processes in the Fall River, Rocky Mountain National Park, Following Lawn Lake Dam Disaster / Colin R. Thorne, Lyle W. Zevenbergen & John C. Pitlick
  • A Sulfuric Acid Speleogenesis of Carlsbad Cavern / Carol A. Hill
  • Recent Variations of Blue Glacier, Olympic Mountains, Washington / Richard C. Spicer
  • Limnological Studies of Crater Lake, Crater Lake National Park / Gary L. Larson
  • Late Holocene Vertical Deformation in the Yellowstone Lake Basin / William W. Locke & Grant A. Meyer
  • Hydrothermal Activity in Relation to Late Holocene Dynamics in the Yellowstone Caldera, Wyoming / Robert O. Fournier
  • Integrated Studies of Soil Processes in Sequoia National Park / M. A. Lueking, A. D. Brown, and L. J. Lund
  • A Study of Selected Ecosystem Pollutants Potentially Sensitive to Airborne Pollutants / Gail A. Baker, Mark E. Harmon & Sarah E. Greene
  • Relating National Atmospheric Deposition Program Data with a Study on the Effect of Extending the Active Growth Period of an Alpine Sedge / Richard B. Keigley & Robert E. Porter

Vol. 4. Vegetation Change & Historic Landscape Management, Susan Bratton, ed.

  • The Management of Historic Ecosystems and Landscapes in National Parks / Susan P. Bratton
  • Management of Biotic Cultural Resources / Ian J.W. Firth
  • Cultural Landscape Management at Boxley Valley, Buffalo National River / Richard J. Alesch
  • The Use of Vegetation Disturbance History Source Materials: Three Examples from Great Smoky Mountains National Park / Charlotte Pyle
  • Landscape Evolution at San Juan Island National Historical Park / James K. Agee
  • Prehistoric Vegetation Change at Wupatki National Monument, Arizona / Steven K. Cinnamon
  • The Impacts of European Settlement on the Vegetation and Fire Regimes of Canaveral National Seashore, Florida / Kathryn Davison & Susan P. Bratton
  • The Micronutrient Status of Tree Species Affected by the Lawn Lake Flood, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado / Kenneth A. Barrick & Mark G. Noble
  • Landscape History and its Implications for Fire Management in Maritime Forest, Buxton Woods, Cape Hatteras National Seashore / Susan P. Bratton & Kathryn Davison
  • San Juan Island National Historical Park Pilot Planting Project / James F. Milestone
  • Integrated Pest Management for Historic Landscapes / Nora J. Mitchell & Deirdre Gibson
  • Historic Orchard Management / John Donahue
  • Native Plant Revegetation techniques in the Coastal Environments of Golden Gate National Recreation Area / James F. Milestone

Vol. 5. Management of Exotic Species in Natural Communities, L. K. Thomas, Jr., ed.

  • Exotic Fishes in the National Park System / Walter R. Courtenay, Jr.
  • African Oryx (Oryx gazella) at White Sands National Monument / Milford R. Fletcher & Michael C. Warren
  • The Browntail Moth, Euproctis chrysorrhoea (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae), on Cape Cod, Massachusetts / David E. Leonard
  • Distribution and Ecology of Exotic Fishes in Everglades National Park / William F. Loftus
  • Haleakala National Park and the 'Island Syndrome': Active Management is Needed for Preservation of Island Biota / Lloyd L. Loope
  • Effects of the Argentine Ant on the Endemic Biota of Subalpine Shrubland, Haleakala National Park, Hawaii / Lloyd L. Loope, Arthur C. Medeiros & F. Russell Cole
  • Inasive Alien Plants and Their Control in Southern African Nature Reserves / I.A.W. Macdonald
  • Gypsy Moth Integrated Pest Management in Parks of the National Capital Region / Richard Reardon & William Carothers
  • Exotic Plant Inventory, Rating, and Management Planning for Point Reyes National Seashore / David W. Self
  • Some Principles of Exotic Species Ecology and Management and Their Interrelationships / L. K. Thomas, Jr.
  • Exotic Plant Invasion of Thuja-Tsuga Habitata, Northwest Montana / T. Weaver & B. Woods
  • Ecology and Management Potential for Purple Loosestrife (Lyhrum salicaria) / Douglas A. Wilcox, Martin K. Seeling & Keith R. Edwards

Vol. 6. Fisheries and Coastal Wetlands Research, Gary Larson & Michael Soukup, eds.

  • Hydroperiod Effects on Everglades Marsh Food Webs, with Relation to Marsh Restoration Efforts / William F. Loftus, James D. Chapman & Roxanne Conrow
  • Impact of Sport Fishing on Walleye in Kabetogama Lake, Voyageurs National Park / Larry W. Kallemeyn
  • Managing Smallmouth Bass (micropterus dolomieui) Habitat in Streams of Ozark National Scenic Riverways / Charles F. Rabeni, Danny D. McClendon, Wayne E. Probst, Brian Todd, Ann C. Livingstone & David Foster
  • Native Brook Trout Studies in Great Smoky Mountains National Park: 1976-1981 / Stephen E. Moore & Gary L. Larson
  • Maintenance of Genetic Diversity Among Native and Nonnative Trout and Char in Yellowstone National Park / Ronald D. Jones & Leo Lentsch
  • Impacts of Gamefish Harvest in Everglades National Park / James T. Tilmant, Edward R. Rutherford, Richard H. Dawson & Edith B. Thue
  • Greenback Cutthroat Trout Restoration in Rocky Mountain National Park / David R. Stevens & Bruce D. Rosenlund
  • Special Regulations as a Fishery Management Tool in Yellowstone National Park / Robert E. Gresswell
  • Dispersal Patterns of Mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) at Fire Island National Seashore, NY / Howard S. Ginsberg
  • Pest Mosquito Response to Human Alterations of Coastal Wetland Environments / J. W. Portnoy
  • Hydrography and Plankton of Jamaica Bay, New York / William T. Peterson & Hans G. Dam
  • Two Estuaries in the Cape Cod National Seashore: Diatom Documentation of Environmental Change / Marjorie Green Winkler

Vol. 7. Interdisciplinary Approaches to Freshwater Wetlands Research, Douglas A. Wilcox, ed.

  • The Necessity of Interdisciplinary Research in Wetland Ecology: The Cowles Bog Example / Douglas A. Wilcox
  • Fossil Pollen and Charcoal Analysis in Wetland Development Studies at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore / Richard P. Futuyma
  • Sedimentology and Stratigraphy as Tools in Interpreting the Evolution of Wetland Areas in the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore / Todd A. Thompson
  • Effects of Ground Water on the Hydrochemistry of Wetlands at Indiana Dunes, Northwest Indiana / Robert J. Shedlock, Nancy J. Loiacono & Thomas E. Imbrigiotta
  • Effects of Coal Fly-Ash Disposal on Water Chemistry in an Intradunal Wetland at Indiana Dunes / Douglas A. Wilcox & Mark A. Hardy
  • Prehistoric and Historic Trends in Acidity of Kettle Ponds in the Cape Cod National Seashore: Implications for Management / Marjorie Green Winkler
  • Implications of Wetland Seed Bank Research: A Review of Great Basin and Prairie Marsh Studies / Roger L. Pederson & Loren M. Smith
  • Surface Hydrology and Plant Communities of Corkscrew Swamp / Michael J. Duever
  • Tolerance of Five Hardwood Species to Flooding Regimes / L. H. Gunderson, J. R. Stenberg & A. K. Herndon
  • Effects of Regulated Lake Levels on the Aquatic Ecosystem of Voyageurs National Park / L. W. Kallemeyn, M. H. Reiser, D. W. Smith & J. M. Thurber
  • Effects of Simulated Muskrat Grazing on Emergent Vegetation / Thomas R. McCabe & Michael L. Wolfe

Vol. 8. Geographic Information Systems, Jan W. van Wagtendonk, ed.

  • Western Archeological and Conservation Center Computerized Archaeological Data Bank / Susan J. Wells
  • A Geographic Information System Approach to Vegetation and Fuel Mapping in the North Cascades / James K. Agee & Ralph R. Root
  • Developing a Geographic Information System for the Sierra Nevada National Parks / Jan W. van Wagtendonk & David M. Graber
  • Vegetation Mapping and GIS for the Cape Hatteras National Seashore / Hugh A. Devine, Beau McCaffray & Kent Turner
  • Fire Management Planning in Acadia National Park Using a Geographic Information System / Steven L. Garman, William A. Patterson III & John T. Finn