2001 GWS Conference Proceedings

Crossing Boundaries in Park Management is the proceedings of the 2001 GWS Conference. The book is available as a paperback ($20) or on CD ($10) postpaid to US & Canadian addresses (additional shipping elsewhere). Order on-line

You can also download individual papers from the book at no charge (PDF format). Links below.


Harmon, David. ed. 2001. Crossing Boundaries in Park Management: Proceedings of the 11th Conference on Research and Resource Management in Parks and on Public Lands. Hancock, Michigan: The George Wright Society.

Part I
Crossing boundaries on the ground …
… through partnerships with other agencies and the public

… with technologies

… to manage wildlife

… to protect native species

… to restore species and habitats

… to protect park resources from visitor impacts

… to promote understanding between countries

Part II
Crossing boundaries in the mind…
… to see old ideas in a new light

… to learn from native cultures

… to coordinate cultural and natural resource management

… to envision parks as part of larger landscapes

Part III
Crossing boundaries among disciplines…
… to share information

… to make better planning, management, and policy decisions

… to understand our natural and cultural heritage

… to protect park resources and visitors

… to keep track of changes in park ecosystems