2003 GWS Conference Proceedings

Protecting Our Diverse Heritage is the proceedings volume from the 2003 GWS / National Park Service Joint Conference. The book (427 pp.) is available as a paperback ($26) or on CD ($10) postpaid to US & Canadian addresses (additional shipping elsewhere). GWS members get a 25% discount off these prices. Order on-line

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Harmon, David, Bruce M. Kilgore, and Gay E. Vietzke, eds. 2004. Protecting Our Diverse Heritage: The Role of Parks, Protected Areas, and Cultural Sites. (Proceedings of the 2003 George Wright Society / National Park Service Joint Conference.) Hancock, Michigan: The George Wright Society.

David Harmon, Bruce M. Kilgore, and Gay E. Vietzke

Administrative and Intellectual Tools for Park Management
Using State Laws and Regulations to Protect Parks from Adjacent Development Impacts: A Case Study from Hawaii
Stanley C. Bond, Jr., Sallie C. Beavers, Nicole Walthall, and Roy Irwin

Preparing for Conservation—Strategies for the Next Century (Session Summary)
Steve Elkinton

The Role of the U.S. Geological Survey in Science Delivery to the National Park Service
Dennis B. Fenn

Recreation Management Decisions: What Does Science Have to Offer?
Troy E. Hall

Fun with and Profit from a Non-profit Library Friends Group: Twenty Years of the Library Friends Group at San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
David Hull

On Becoming Relevant: Environmental History and National Park Management
David Louter

Administrative Histories in the National Park Service’s Alaska Region
Frank Norris

Sustainable Design for an Evolving Landscape
Paul Schrooten

Integration of the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) into Southeast National Park Service Planning and Operations
J. Keith Watson

Barriers to Science-based Management: What Are They and What Can We Do About Them? (Session Summary)
Vita Wright

An Investigation of Agency Perceptions of Transboundary Protected Area Cooperation: A Case Study of Wrangell–St. Elias and Kluane Protected Area Complex
Sandra Zupan

Basic Values and Purposes of Parks
Carrying Capacity and Visitor Management: Facts, Values, and the Role of Science
David N. Cole

The Place, Cost, and Value of Vision in Preservation: The Ranger Steam Engine
David Hull

Carrying Capacity as “Informed Judgment”: The Values of Science and the Science of Values
Robert E. Manning

Russian Zapovedniks (Strict Nature Preserves) and Importing Ecotourism: Destruction of an Ideal or Learning from the U.S. National Park System?
David Ostergren

Parks as Battlegrounds: Managing Conflicting Values
Michael J. Tranel and Adrienne Hall

Cultural and Natural Resources: Conflicts and Opportunities for Cooperation
Conserving Our Collective Heritage—The Paradox of Integrated, Yet Distinctly Different Management of Cultural and Natural Resources
Denis Davis

The Challenge of Managing and Interpreting Avifauna on Cultural Sites within the Timucuan Preserve
Daniel R. Tardona, Roger Clark, Paul W. Sykes, and Jill Howard-Wilson

It’s All in the Family: Recommendations for Cultural and Natural Resources Reconciliation
Terri Thomas, Ric Borjes, and Anna Fenton-Hathaway

Zzyzx Mineral Springs – Cultural Treasure and Endangered Species Aquarium
Danette Woo and Debra Hughson

Countering Invasives, Restoring Natives
Creating a Sustainable Invasives Program in the East: Controlling Invasive Vegetation at Eight National Parks in Virginia, 2000–2002
James Åkerson and Charles Rafkind

Preventing Zebra Mussel Infestation of Lake Powell
Mark Anderson and John Ritenour

Reintroduction of Bonneville Cutthroat Trout in Great Basin National Park
Gretchen Schenk and Tod Williams

Estimating Project-Specific Restoration Costs
Terri Thomas, Garrett Lee, and Anna Fenton-Hathaway

Restoration of Oak Island Sandscape, Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
Julie Van Stappen, Tony Bush, and David Burgdorf

Understanding, Managing, and Protecting Opportunities for Visitor Experiences
Tools of the Trade: How Protected Area Managers Can Protect Our Night Sky
Elizabeth M. Alvarez del Castillo, David L. Crawford, and Keith J. Krueger

How Much Do Visitors Value Scenic Quality? Results from the Blue Ridge Parkway Scenic Experience Project
Leah Greden Mathews, Susan Kask, Laura Rotegard, Gary Johnson, and Steve Stewart

Integration of Social Science into Protected Area Stewardship: Challenges and Opportunities
Stephen F. McCool

Advancing the Dialogue of Visitor Management: Expanding Beyond the Culture of Technical Control
Stephen F. McCool and George H. Stankey

Transportation Noise and the Value of Natural Quiet
Nicholas P. Miller

Visitor Impact Monitoring in the Coastal and Barrier Island Network
Christopher Monz, Yu-Fai Leung, Christine Ingle, and Heather Bauman

Facts, Values, and Decision-Making in Recreation Resource Management
Thomas A. More

Evaluating Carrying Capacities for Protected Areas
Tony Prato

Who Will Keep the Night?
Angela M. Richman

Yellowstone Wildlife Watching: A Survey of Visitor Attitudes and Desires
Alice Wondrak Biel

The Resource Challenges of America’s National Trails System (Session Summary)
Steve Elkinton

Managing Cultural Resources and Heritage
Ruins Preservation: More than Stuffing Mud
Janet R. Balsom and Amy Horn

NPS’s Cultural Resource Inventories: Understanding Resources, Improving Stewardship
Nancy J. Brown, Allen H. Cooper, Jacilee Wray, Amanda Zeman, and Phil Bedel

Innovative Concepts of Cultural Resource Management
Sarah Craighead

Reading the Cultural Landscape at Dyea, Alaska
Tonia Horton

The Vanishing Treasures Program of the Tres Piedras Group
James W. Kendrick, Patricia Thompson, Karen Beppler-Dorn, Scott Williams, and Hallie Larsen

Using Historic Structures to Serve Park Needs: The McGraw Ranch, Rocky Mountain National Park
Jim Lindberg

When Disaster Strikes at Your Historic Site During Construction
David W. Look

Expanding the Meaning of Heritage: The New Mexico Heritage Preservation Alliance
Jerry L. Rogers

California’s Cultural Heritage Resources Summit: A Call for Action
Denzil Verardo

Fort Stephen A. Douglas: Adaptive Re-use for a Community of Scholars
Robert A. Young

Preserving the Painted Desert Inn in Petrified Forest National Park
Amanda Zeman and Karen Beppler-Dorn

Protecting Oceans and Their Coasts
California’s New Marine Managed Areas System
W. James Barry and Gena R. Lasko

Building a Coral Nursery at Biscayne National Park
Richard Curry, Shay Viehman, and Daniel DiResta

Monitoring Visitor Impacts in Coastal National Parks: A Review of Techniques
Christine Ingle, Yu-Fai Leung, Christopher Monz, Heather Bauman

Restoration of Coral Reef Habitats within the National Park System
Jim Tilmant, Linda Canzanelli, Rick Clark, Richard Curry, Bruce Graham, Monika Mayr, Alison Moulding, Robert Mulcahy, Shay Viehman, and Tamara Whittington

Racial and Ethnic Diversity: Acknowledging the Past, Planning for the Future
Permanently Protected Parks for a Dynamic Society: An Examination of Race and Ethnicity in National Park Visitation and Participation
Megan Brokaw

Nervous Landscapes: The Heritage of Racial Segregation in New South Wales, Australia
Denis Byrne

Impact through Action, Influence, and Involvement—Ethnic Minority Recreation: Where to from Here? (Session Summary)
Edwin Gómez, Nina S. Roberts, and Deborah J. Chavez

Teaching Cultural Heritage Preservation: Developing Curriculum Materials for Minority Colleges and Universities
Antoinette J. Lee

Protecting a Diverse Heritage: Engaging Communities in Preserving and Interpreting that which They Value
Ernest W. Ortega

Promise and Challenge: Interpreting Race and Slavery at Civil War Sites (Session Summary)
Dwight Pitcaithley, John Hennessy, Michèle Gates Moresi, and John Tucker

Wilderness and Wildness
Perpetuating Natural Wildness
William E. Brown

Wasteland, Wilderness, or Workplace: Perceiving and Preserving the Apostle Islands
James Feldman and Robert W. Mackreth

The Wilderness Experience as Purported by Planning Compared with that of Visitors to Zion National Park
Wayne Freimund, Steve Peel, Jeff Bradybaugh, and Robert E. Manning

National Park Service Contribution to Increasing a Virtual Visitor’s Appreciation of Wilderness
C. B. Griffin

Extending the Wilderness Concept as a Cultural Resource
Andrew Kliskey, Lilian Alessa, and Martin Robards

The Essence of Indecision: The Hayduke Principle and Wilderness Policy Paralysis on National Park Service Lands
David Ostergren and Peter Jacques

Inholdings within Wilderness: Legal Foundations, Problems, and Solutions
Randy Tanner

Natural Resource Management
Fire Management and Resource Management at Big Cypress National Preserve
James N. Burch

Water Quality Data Collection and Analysis in Support of Anti-Degradation Standards: A Case Study with General Lessons
Richard Evans

Lakewater Chemistry at Acadia National Park, Maine, in Response to Declining Acidic Deposition
J. S. Kahl, S. J. Nelson, J. L. Stoddard, S. A. Norton, and T. A. Haines

California Condors of the Colorado Plateau
Elaine Leslie

A Historical Overview of Consumptive Use Patterns in National Park Service Areas
Frank Norris

Mexican Spotted Owl Distribution and Habitat within Grand Canyon National Park
David W. Willey and R. V. Ward

Museums and Collections
Museum Affinity Group Meeting (Session Summary)
Joan Bacharach

Determining Use Patterns for Museum, Archives, and Library Collections
Kent Bush

Professionalism and Training
Kent Bush

A Note on Performance Standards and Conservation Specifications for Exhibit Cases
Toby Raphael

On the Road to Democracy: The Gulag Museum at Perm-36
Gay E. Vietzke

Technology for Resource Management
Synthesis as a Law Enforcement Tool at Shenandoah National Park: A Synthesis Regional Support Center Case Study
Andrew Diego, Andrew Welti, Éadaoin O’Drudy, Ken Johnson, Carollyn Oglesby, Bruce Nash, and Steven Frysinger

Using GIS to Focus Field Inventories of Rare and Endemic Plants at Badlands National Park, South Dakota
Sandee Dingman

GIS, GPS, CR Database Information, and the FMSS Program at Kalaupapa National Historical Park
Tom Fake

Non-invasive Mountain Lion Sampling in Seven Southwestern National Parks
Emily Garding

A Comparison of Grid Sampling Designs with Stratified/Nonuniform Probability Sampling Designs for National Park Monitoring (Summary)
Paul H. Geissler and Trent L. McDonald

An Interactive Educational Tool for Understanding Cultural and Natural Resource Preservation at Petersburg National Battlefield
Mary K. Handley, Elisabeth Ranger, and Robin Snyder

Soil Compaction as Indicated by Penetration Resistance: A Comparison of Two Types of Penetrometers
Yu-Fai Leung and Kristin Meyer

Using Global Positioning Systems to Monitor Elkhorn Coral, Acropora palmata, at Buck Island Reef National Monument, U.S. Virgin Islands
Philippe A. Mayor, Zandy M. Hillis-Starr, Caroline Rogers, Kimberly K. Woody, and Barry Devine

Current Topics in Natural History Collecting and Collections
Current Topics in Natural History Collecting and Collections
Ann Hitchcock and John G. Dennis

Options for Managing Park Natural History Collecting and Collections: Overview
Ann Hitchcock

Options for Managing Park Natural History Collecting and Collections: Case Study—Acadia National Park
Brooke Childrey

Options for Managing Park Natural History Collecting and Collections: Case Study—Death Valley National Park, Collecting and Permits
Richard Anderson

Options for Managing Park Natural History Collecting and Collections: Case Study—Death Valley National Park, Collections Management
Blair Davenport

Options for Managing Park Natural History Collecting and Collections: Case Study—Channel Islands National Park, Plant Collections
Dieter Wilken

Natural History Collections: Overview
John G. Dennis

Retrieval, Compilation, and Organization of Vertebrate and Vascular Plant Voucher Specimens Originating from National Parks
Andrew Gilbert and Allan O’Connell

Ownership of Natural Resource Specimens as a Pitfall in Effective Research
Jonathan Bayless

Leadership of NPS Dealing with Contaminated Natural History and Cultural Collections
Judith J. Bischoff

Development of an Improved Data Management System at Lake Mead National Recreation Area
Craig Palmer and Mark Sappington

Workshop Report: Discussion Among NPS Research Coordinators and Curators of Ways to Improve Cooperation in Specimen Collecting and Curation
John G. Dennis and Ann Hitchcock

What’s in the Pipeline for Natural History Collecting and Collections?
Ann Hitchcock and John G. Dennis