2009 GWS Conference Proceedings

Rethinking Protected Areas in a Changing World is the proceedings volume from the 2009 GWS Biennial Conference on Parks, Protected Areas, and Cultural Sites. The book (352 pp.) is available as a paperback ($37) postpaid to US addresses (additional shipping elsewhere). GWS members get a 25% discount off this list price, so that the member's price is $27.75. Order on-line

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Weber, Samantha, ed. 2010. Rethinking Protected Areas in a Changing World: Proceedings of the 2009 GWS Biennial Conference on Parks, Protected Areas, and Cultural Sites. Hancock, Michigan: The George Wright Society.

Introduction and Acknowledgments ... 9
David Harmon

Envisioning the Future of Park Management
Geoparks: Creating a Vision for North America (panel discussion summary) ... 11
Sally R. Brady

New National Parks for the Next Century ... 16
Warren Lee Brown

Preparing the Next Generation of Protected Area Managers and Researchers: 
A Panel Discussion on the 2008 Park Break Program (session summary) ... 21
Sarah E. Stehn, Carena J. van Riper, Michelle Moorman, Ryan Sharp. and Brandon Pope

Modernization of “Multiple-Use”: 
A Forest Resource Protection Concept for Bosnia and Herzegovina ... 26
Geoffrey B. Middaugh

Interpretation, Education, and Outreach
Military Overflight Management and Education Program—
Immersion and Communication ... 32
Gregg D. Fauth

Science Communications: Successful Strategies for Collaboration
(panel discussion summary) ... 37
Michael DeBacker, Bruce Lombardo, Sara Melena, Sherry Middlemis-Brown, Michelle O’Herron, Lindsay Paulding, Adam Prato, and Dafna Reiner

Partnerships in Communication: Recent Advances in
Virtual Research Learning Centers ... 41
Emily Yost, Tami Blackford, Janine Waller, and Robert E. Bennetts

An Examination of Live Interactive Virtual Explorations at
the Cabrillo National Monument in Southern California ... 48
Kimberly Mann Bruch, Hans-Werner Braun, and Susan Teel

Real Science: Real Connection to Parks ... 55
Bill Zoellick, Shannon Trimboli, and Susan Sachs

Engaging Native Alaskan Students and Their Community in Local Hot Springs Research: A Project Designed to Increase Geoscience Education ... 61
Wendy F. Smythe and Sherry L. Cady

Engaging with Native Communities
Gaining and Understanding Tribal Perspectives:
Olympic National Park’s Applied Anthropology Program and its Recent MOU ... 65
Jacilee Wray

Game-Theoretic Insights into Effective Cooperation among
National Parks and Indian Tribes ... 67
Robert Pahre

Healing Landscapes: A Historical Perspective ... 73
Kurt Russo

Climate Change and Tribal Consultation: From Dominance to Détente ... 79
Linda Moon Stumpff

On a Scale of 1–10, Exactly How Sacred is It? 
Evaluating Tools for Integrating Tribal Resources in the Planning Process ... 84
Janet R. Balsom

Climate Change
Climate Change Monitoring and Installation of GLORIA at
Great Basin National Park ... 89
Gretchen Baker and Meg Horner

Modeled and Actual Impacts of Fire Management on Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Yosemite National Park ... 93
Leland W. Tarnay, Brett H. Davis, and Jan W. van Wagtendonk

Wildlife Management
Perceptions of Wildlife-associated Disease Risk:
A Challenge or Opportunity for “One Health” in National Parks? ... 101
Daniel J. Decker, Kirsten M. Leong, and Darrick T. N. Evensen

One Health as an Approach for Integrated Health Management in
the National Park Service ... 107
Margaret A. Wild and Charles Higgins

Implications of Hunting in Channel Islands National Park ... 111
Daniel W. Wakelee and Scott A. Frisch

Declines in Yosemite’s Bird Populations ... 117
Sarah L. Stock, Rodney B. Siegel, and Danielle R. Kaschube

Fire Management
Revisiting Spatial Patterns of Lightning Strikes and Fires in Yosemite National Park ... 125
Kent van Wagtendonk and Brett Davis

What If We Didn’t Suppress Wildfires? ... 131
Brett Davis and Carol Miller

Interface between Fire and Forests—Tree Management in the National Park Service ... 135
Brian Mattos, Tom Warner, and Dan Buckley

Integrating Resource Management in the Lifecycle of Wildland Fire Decision-making ... 139
Sandee Dingman

Natural Resource Research and Management
From ATBI to BioBlitz: A National Strategy for Biodiversity Stewardship in Parks ... 144
National Park Service Biodiversity Stewardship Steering Committee

Water Science from the U.S. Geological Survey in Support of Park Management ... 152
Glenn G. Patterson

Adaptive Management and Exotic Plant Management at
Lake Mead National Recreation Area ... 155
Sandee Dingman, Alice C. Newton, and Carrie Norman

Research, Monitoring, and Management of Eastern Hemlock Forests at
Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area ... 158
Richard Evans

Feral to Permitted to Preserved: 
Managing Scientific Collections Taken from National Parks ... 164
Ann Hitchcock, Christie Hendrix, Colleen Curry, David Manski, Nancy Russell, and Miriam Luchans

Restoration of the Upper Kawuneeche Valley in Rocky Mountain National Park ... 171
Paul McLaughlin, Ben Bobowski, and Mark VanMouwerik

Science and Strategies:
Collaboration to Combat Marijuana Cultivation on Public Lands ... 175
Alan Foster, Cammie Partelow, Athena Demetry, Steve Shackelton, and Barbara Alberti

Evaluating Management Effectiveness
Parks Victoria’s Management Effectiveness Evaluation Program:
Where Science Meets Management ... 179
Tony Varcoe

Evaluating Management Performance and Effectiveness for Protected Areas ... 187
Angeles Mendoza Sammet and Michael S. Quinn

Wilderness and Recreation Management
Mountaineering Management on Mount McKinley:
Unraveling a Crisis at the 17,000-Foot Level ... 195
Frank Norris

“True” Wilderness Preservation: Looking Forward to a Better Nature ... 202
Jonathan Voos

Thirteen Years of Monitoring Campsite Conditions in
Prince William Sound, Alaska, USA ... 208
Paul Twardock, Christopher Monz, and Maryann Smith

A Cost Effective and Efficient Way to Assess Trail Conditions:
A New Sampling Approach ... 213
Rachel A. Knapp and Mark J. Ducey

Partnerships and Public Involvement
It Takes Many Hands to Control Invasive Plants Along the Appalachian Trail ... 219
James Åkerson

Connectivity: A Step Beyond Partnerships ... 224
John J. Donahue and Leslie M. Morlock

Is Community-based Conservation an Effective Tool in
the Llancahue Watershed, Chile? ... 227
Michelle Moorman, Pablo Donoso, and Susan Moore

Parks and Surrounding Communities
The Apostle Islands and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshores on Lake Superior
and Amenity-Supported Local Economic Vitality ... 233
Thomas Power

Causes and Potential Solutions for Conflicts between
Protected Area Management and Local People in Germany ... 240
Eick von Ruschkowski

Innovative Transit Partnership to Enhance National Parks
and Gateway Communities ... 245
Katherine F. Turnbull

System Planning and Administration
The Regional Integration of Protected Areas: A Study of Canada’s National Parks ... 251
Julia M. McCuaig

The National Historic Trail System ... 258
Frank Norris, Mike Taylor, and Otis Halfmoon

Cultural Resource Research and Management
Public Use, Private Meaning:
A Case Study of Two New England Summer Communities ... 263
Emily Donaldson

The Montana-Yellowstone Archeological Field School Project: Results of 2007–2008 Archeological Survey and Testing in the Boundary Lands, Gardiner, Montana ... 270
Douglas H. MacDonald

Legal Protection of the Archeological Cultural Heritage in Mexico ... 277
María de Lourdes Nicolás Vásquez

Caves, Cacti and Cucurbits: Realities of the Management of Protected Areas ... 284
Antonio Martínez Tuñón

Carrots and Sticks: Reconciling Stakeholder Interests in Cultural Landscapes ... 291
Nelly Robles García and Jack Corbett

Inventory and Monitoring
Wetland Networks in National Capital Region Parks: Enhanced Inventory for
Harpers Ferry National Historical Park ... 297
T.R. Lookingbill, K.A.M. Engelhardt, A.J. Elmore, S.M. Tessel, and J.B. Churchill

Collaboration on the Vertical Frontier:
AAC Mountaineers Assist with Yosemite National Park Lichen ATBI ... 305
Martin Hutten, Niki Nicholas, and Linda McMillan

The Central Alaska Network Flowing Waters Program:
A Multi-tiered Approach to Ecological Monitoring in Alaskan National Parks ... 309
Trey Simmons

Foundations of Marine Reserves in the California Channel Islands ... 313
Daniel V. Richards

Managing Paleontological Resources
Unauthorized Fossil Collecting from National Park Service Shorelines: 
Servicewide Policy and Perspectives ... 319
Julia Brunner, Jason Kenworthy, and Vincent Santucci

Runaway Dinosaur Tracks: Cooperative Efforts to Preserve Fossil Resources at Two National Natural Landmark Sites ... 324
Heather Germaine, Joe Tempel, and Mike O’Brien

Understanding Visitors
Identifying National Park Visitors in National Household Surveys, 2000 and 2008 ... 330
Patricia A. Taylor, Burke D. Grandjean, and James H. Gramann

An Assessment of the Efficacy of the Theory of Planned Behavior to
Predict Intentions to Visit State Parks ... 336
Suresh K. Shrestha and Robert C. Burns

Integrating Cultural and Natural Resource Management
Fire and Water: Environmental History at Pinnacles National Monument ... 343
Timothy Babalis

Improving Emergency Response for Natural and Cultural Resources:
Applying the CESU Cooperative Agreement for All-Hazards Emergencies ... 348
Ann Hitchcock and Ray Albright