2013 GWS Conference Proceedings

GWS2013 Proceedings cover

Protected Areas in a Changing World is the proceedings volume from the 2013 GWS Biennial Conference on Parks, Protected Areas, and Cultural Sites. The book (175 pp.) is published in digital (PDF) format only. You can download the whole book or individual papers. Links below.

Cover photos courtesy of Samantha Weber.


Weber, Samantha, ed. 2014. Protected Areas in a Changing World: Proceedings of the 2013 George Wright Society Conference on Parks, Protected Areas, and Cultural Sites. Hancock, Michigan: George Wright Society.


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Table of Contents

1 Introduction and Acknowledgments
David Harmon

2 Tort Liability in National Parks and How NPS Tracks, Manages, and Responds to Tortious

Scott Breen

3 Proposing New Barrens National Natural Landmarks
Mary C. Brickle, Todd R. Lookingbill, and Katharina A.M. Engelhardt

4 Expanding Parks and Reducing Human Numbers:
A Superior Alternative to Embracing the Anthropocene Era

Philip Cafaro

5 Biosphere Reserves: A New Look at Relevance to Meet Today’s Challenges
Vernon (Tom) Gilbert

6 Time for a Resurrection of Biosphere Reserves?
Lawrence S. Hamilton

7 The Accokeek Foundation’s Piscataway Cultural Landscape Initiative
Lisa Hayes

8 Spiritual Outcomes of Park Experience:
A Synthesis of Recent Social Science Research

Paul Heintzman

9 Protecting Historical Heritage:
The Commemorative Integrity Evaluation Program at
Parks Canada’s National Historic Sites

Patricia E. Kell

10 Comanaging Parks with Aboriginal Communities:
Improving Outcomes for Conservation and Cultural Heritage

Greg Leaman

11 Protected Areas on Private Land—
Shaping the Future of the Park System in Australia

Greg Leaman and Clare Nicolson

12 South Australia’s NatureLinks Program:
Successfully Integrating Protected Areas into Landscape Scale Conservation

Greg Leaman and Clare Nicolson

13 Using Research into the Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management to Enhance
Science-Informed Decisions

Kirsten Leong, Carena J. van Riper, Katherine McComas, Robert E. Manning, Joe McCarter,
and Jim Gramann

14 Unpaid Protectors: Volunteerism and the Diminishing Role of Federal Responsibility in the
National Park Service

Dylan Lewis

15 Connecting People to Parks through Outdoor Play
Fran Mainella and Carly Summers

16 Mendocino Woodlands: Leveraging Resources Effectively to Complete Cultural Landscape
Projects for Historic Sites

Laurie Matthews

17 Dissecting Credibility: Components of Credibility for Science/Resource Management

Jerry M. Mitchell, Christie Denzel Anastasia, Ben Bobowski, and Giselle Mora-Bourgeois

18 Exploring Opportunities for Enhancing Relevancy and Sustainability through Cultural
Landscape Conservation

Nora Mitchell, Brenda Barrett, and Jessica Brown, with contributions from
Stephanie Toothman, Susan Dolan, Tim Badman, and Terence Hay-Edie

19 Telling Stories of Nature and Humans in Midwest National Park Units
Robert Pahre

20 Teaching the Parks
Robert Pahre and Carie Steele

21 Can Organizations Learn? Exploring a Shift from Conflict to Collaboration
Nelly Robles García and Jack Corbett

22 Preparing the Next Generation of Protected Area Employees:
Opportunities for Students, Agencies and Universities

Ryan L. Sharp and Nancy Doucette

23 Establishing the Science Foundation to Sustain High-elevation Five-needle Pine Forests
Threatened by Novel Interacting Stresses in Four Western National Parks

A.W. Schoettle, Jeff Connor, John Mack, Phyllis Pineda Bovin, Jen Beck, Gretchen Baker,
R.A. Sniezko, and K.S. Burns

24 Reconciling Competing Visions in New Deal Parks:
Natural Conservation, Historic Preservation, and Recreational Development

Angela Sirna

25 Connecting Urban Populations to Protected Areas
Pam Veinotte

26 The International Ranger Federation:
Uniting Rangers to Protect the World’s Treasures

Meg Weesner

27 National Parks and Landscape Conservation
Mark Wenzler