2017 GWS Conference Proceedings

GWS2017 Proceedings cover

Connections Across People, Place, and Time is the proceedings volume from the 2017 GWS Biennial Conference on Parks, Protected Areas, and Cultural Sites. The book (150 pp.) is published in digital (PDF) format only. You can download the whole book or individual papers. Links below.

Cover photo courtesy of Samantha Weber.


Weber, Samantha, ed. 2017. Connections Across People, Place, and Time: Proceedings of the
2017 George Wright Society Conference on Parks, Protected Areas, and Cultural Sites.
Michigan: George Wright Society.


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Table of Contents

1 Introduction and Acknowledgments
Jennifer Palmer and David Harmon

2 Sea Turtles, Light Pollution, and Citizen Science: A Preliminary Report
Heather Afford, Susan Teel, Mark Nicholas, Thomas Stanley, and Jeremy White

3 Mapping Invasive Species to Efficiently Monitor Southwestern National Park Areas
Ryan Avery, Dakoyta Greenman, Katherine Landesman, Jordan Vaa, and Timmera Whaley

4 Bringing Historical Perspectives on Climate into Current Adaptation Practice
Alanna Casey

5 Utilizing NASA Earth Observations to Map Temporal and Spatial Patterns of
Annual Bromes for Prairie Management and Invasive Species Control in the
Northern Great Plains

Amanda Clayton, Jessica Fayne, Carl Green, and Jared Tomlin

6 Creating Connections through Predictive Modeling and Cultural Resources Research
Lindsey Cochran, David A. Gadsby, and Tad Britt

7 A Ten-Step Program that Links Monitoring to Management
Peter Dratch, Bill Thompson, Melinda Knutson, Emily Silverman, Ken Newman, and
Joel H. Reynolds

8 Changing Climate, Changing Policy:
Subsistence Use and Wilderness Values in Gates of the Arctic National Park

Chris Dunn

9 Wilderness Character Monitoring Continues on National Wildlife Refuges
Marissa Edwards and Peter Dratch

10 Historical and Ecological Considerations in the Establishment of
National Parks and Monuments

Mary K. Foley and Tim Hudson

11 Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future of Civic Engagement in National Parks
David Glassberg

12 Charting a Path:
A Critical History and Analysis of Social Science in America’s National Parks

James H. Gramann

13 National Colonial Farm in Piscataway Park:
Green History, Farming, and the Quest for Relevance

Lisa Hayes

14 Fulfilling the Promise: Improving Collaboration between Cultural Resources and
Interpretation and Education in the U.S. National Park Service

Emily Button Kambic, Dean Herrin, and Katherine Crawford-Lackey

15 Using Digital Point-Intercept and Sub-meter Navigation to Assess Vegetation Recovery in
Fire Island’s Wilderness

C.R. Kilheffer, J. Raphael, L. Ries, and H.B. Underwood

16 Western Highways Transportation Corridor:
Adaptation and Challenges for Preserving a Cultural Landscape Today

Gwénaëlle Le Parlouër

17 Evaluating Diverse Trail Projects Using Standardized Assessment Tools:
Conservation Corps Example

Katelin McArdle, Chelsey Walden-Schreiner, Elizabeth Oliphant, Michael B. Edwards,
Yu-Fai Leung, Gary Blank, and Erin Seekamp

18 The Goldilocks Syndrome
Martha Merson, Louise Allen, Nickolay Hristov,Jim Pfeiffenberger, Paul E. Super, Brent
Everitt, Susan Teel, and Tim Watkins

19 Letting the Landscape Speak: Values and Challenges of “Historic Abandonment” Design
and Management at Fort Bowie National Historic Site

Robin L. Pinto

20 Stakeholder Sentiments about Adaptation Strategies for Historic Buildings at
Cape Lookout National Seashore

Erin Seekamp

21 Connecting People, Nature, and Culture through
Metropolitan Conservation Alliances

Ted Trzyna

22 Breakthroughs in Bison Conservation Bring Recovery a Bit Closer
Peter Dratch

23 Informing Bison Conservation Strategies Using Population Viability Analyses for
Department of the Interior Bison Herds

Cynthia Hartway and Amanda Hardy

24 Using Assisted Reproductive Technologies to Mitigate Disease and
Preserve Genetic Variation in Bison

Jennifer Barfield

25 American Icons in Metropolitan Grasslands:
People, Place and Bison Recovery along Colorado’s Front Range

Rebecca Garvoille

26 Transforming Department of Interior Bison from Livestock to Wildlife
Lee Jones and Peter Dratch